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14 pure bred corriedales! The ewes that are bred were bred by Moon Shadow! I will be posting them as soon as I get the pics and names for them.

Munster.jpg (190189 bytes) Munster - This ram is so big I just had to name him Munster! After all, who would like to be named Monster? Good thing he is easy to handle with his size!  

MoonShadow.jpg (155724 bytes) Moon Shadow - This ram was named by Kristin. She says his wool has the look as if the moon was shinning on him-shadowing affect!  

Christa.jpg (390877 bytes) Christa - This ewe is one of the older ewes. She is a very laidback girl with silver colored fleece. 

Keesha.jpg (189128 bytes) Keesha - This ewe is very dark-almost black in coloring. For some reason Keesha sounded like a fit for her. 

Kylor's little flock! 

Zena.jpg (588222 bytes) Zena - A border leicester ewe born here on the farm from his ewe we lost. Charlie is her daddy! 

Just arrived 12-20-06 - Picture and story coming soon on Kylor's Christmas present! A Targhee (Tess) girl! - Tess is wearing a coat this year. Watch for her coated fleece after shearing in April 2010! 

Grace.jpg (491193 bytes) Grace - This girl just arrived on 4-18-09! She is a cotswold that is expecting lambs mid summer. 

Carrie.jpg (478532 bytes) Carrie - This girl just arrived on 4-18-09! She is a cotswold yearling ewe 

Apollo.jpg (43845 bytes) Apollo - This boy just arrived on 12-2-08! He was a happy boy when he got here. I put him directly into a pen with 2 girls! He will be getting more very soon to keep him company or should I say for him to have his fun with! He is a 3 1/2 yr old colored cotswold ram! 

Killer.jpg (268407 bytes) Killer - This boy was named because of his beller! He sounds like someone is killing him! He is a BFL.

bluefacedboy.jpg (511834 bytes)  bluefacedboy1.jpg (526946 bytes)  bluefacedboy2.jpg (554649 bytes)  Bluefaced Leicester Boys yet to be named! OOOPS! Karl name these boys while we were doing hay! They all hang together in a group. Karl asked if I had names for them yet and when I said no, he said they are the blues brothers! What? There was only 2 of the blues brothers I said and there are 3 sheep. His reply was they are all brothers right? Yes, they all have the same sire! So, The Blues Brothers it is! 

Frosty.jpg (630057 bytes) Frosty - This ram was named because of his ears! He was born on April 15th 2007 when the people were not home. It was cold and the tips of his ears were frostbitten. Needles to say they fell off so he was no longer able to be shown. He was heading to the meat truck, but I saved all of the BFL boys! 

Amulewe.jpg (591318 bytes) Amulewe -  This lamb was my big purchase at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in September 2007! She is a Scotch Mule (hence her name) meaning she is a cross between a Scottish Blackface and a Bluefaced Leicester. I can't wait to get my hands on her wonderful curls this coming spring shearing!  

HugeHellen.jpg (502922 bytes) Huge Helen! She was the size of a 2 week old lamb when she was born! 

TinyTina.jpg (339259 bytes) Tiny Tina! This is Huge Helen's twin! They belong to Bertha! 

wensleydalegirl.jpg (322254 bytes) Crystal - This girl is a wensleydale!

wensleydaleboy.jpg (816527 bytes) Wensleydale Boy - This boy has yet to be named!

 Cotswoldgirl2.jpg (342257 bytes)  Charity - This girl is a cotswold. I rescued her from the meat truck on June 20th 2006. She were being culled from the flock I buy most of my cotswold wool from. She lost her lambs this year so she was being culled. R.I.P. You will be missed.

Leo.jpg (220822 bytes) Leo - This guy is a purebred Border Leicester. He is black with a few white baby hairs on his head. His mom is Leslie and dad is Leapold. Leslie had problems with her milk so he was bottled from day 1!  R.I.P. You will be missed.

Leena.jpg (453895 bytes) Leena - This girl is a purebred Border Leicester. She is a twin to Leo. Yes, she was bottled from day 1 also! What fun I had bottling twins and then added more bottles for the others that needed it! 

Mary.jpg (395550 bytes) Mary - This girl is a twin to the boy I gave to a friend  for a birthday present! After her brother left, her mom did let her nurse for a couple of days. After that, she stood and bellered most of the time because she was hungry. I then put her on a bottle and she took to it right away which is very unusual after being on mom. She was much smaller than the other 2 I was bottling at the time (Leo and Leena), but she was older. It did not take her long to catch up! 

Lenny.jpg (187846 bytes) Lenny - This guy is a Border Leicester cross. He was born to Maddie and Leapold. He was born black but shortly after started turning brown. He is growing into a big boy! His spring fleece should be very interesting!  

Wade.jpg (218117 bytes) Wade - This guy is Wensleydale boy. Lovely tight curls cover his body and forehead! This guy is a replacement lamb for Wendell-the one boy I lost after purchasing him. I can't wait to shear him in the spring!  R.I.P. You will be missed.

Wensley.jpg (300079 bytes) Wensley - This guy is Wensleydale boy. Lovely tight curls cover his body and forehead! This guy is a little bigger than the other boys I purchased recently.   

Dale.jpg (474840 bytes) Dale - This guy is a Wensleydale. He is a colored boy with lovely curls! We cannot wait until we can get the shears out to give his first haircut in September!  

 Mrchif.jpg (62092 bytes) Mr-Chif - This little guy is one of my youngest coopworth whethers! Sugar x Charlie!

Cooper.jpg (123901 bytes) Cooper - This guy is one of my coopworth whethers! Teddie x Charlie! His picture was taken while he was Waiting for hisa turn at the shearing board! 

Madie.jpg (51396 bytes) Maddie - This is a cross between Madeline and Charlie!

Teresa.jpg (53084 bytes) Teresa - This ewe is a targhee. Targhee is merino type wool with less grease! R.I.P. You will be missed.

Angie.jpg (206799 bytes) Angie - This is a border leicester ewe. Her fiber is like ringlets! Very fine fiber/soft and tiny curls. 

Angel.jpg (270307 bytes) Angel - This is a border leicester ewe. She is very lucky to be here. When she was just 6 months old, she got very sick. It took me a long time to get her back to her feet, but I managed. I still say she had an angel looking over her! Very nice long curls! R.I.P. You will be missed.

Charlie.jpg (46181 bytes) Charlie - Charlie is a white border leicester ram. R.I.P. You will be missed.

Bootleg.jpg (840384 bytes) Bootleg - Bootleg is a 76% teeswater lamb. I am bottling him even though he has many problems. I felt sorry for him so I brought him home with us on 5-3-11 to give him as much life as he has. R.I.P. Even though you were only with us a few short days, you will be missed. (5-12-11)

From A Pennsylvania Rescue!      

Hunker.jpg (27840 bytes) Hunker-He is a Merino cross whether with a very nice soft fleece. He is younger (about 2) with a white fleece that I cannot wait to get my hands on! How he got his name- this is the town the rescue farm is located. 

Jason.jpg (32959 bytes) Jason-He is a Merino cross whether with a very nice soft fleece. He is younger (about 2) with a white fleece that I cannot wait to get my hands on!  This guy got his name from the guy that owns the rescue farm!


Estalee.jpg (300532 bytes) Estalee - She is a very good guard. Her fiber is black and white.

Summer.jpg (358062 bytes) Summer - She is a dark brown. She has come around to liking me rub her down-she really likes her neck rubbed! 


Arwen.jpg (422910 bytes) Lady Arwen - She is a brown huacaya. Arwen is in your face all of the time. She loves to be brushed down even if it is with just my hands!

Golda.jpg (360701 bytes) Golda - She is a white huacaya. I caught her mid chew! She is just now starting to like being petted.

Lilly.jpg (405645 bytes) Lilly - She is a white huacaya. She loves to be petted! She comes when you call her name believe it or not!

Rosie.jpg (338271 bytes) Rosie - She is a medium fawn huacaya. 

Reba.jpg (260052 bytes) Reba - She is a brown huacaya. She can be pretty sassy at times. She is a kicker and spitter! 

Marco.jpg (574100 bytes) Marco - He is a fawn suri gelding with wonderful fiber.

Boss.jpg (177598 bytes) Boss - He is a white and brown huacaya. 

Ginseng.jpg (282375 bytes) Ginseng - He is a light fawn huacaya. 

Einstein.jpg (17167 bytes) Einstein - He is a white huacaya. I have to update this now that he has been shorn. It appears he has turned to be a light fawn. I will know more once I wash his fiber. 

Shakespear.jpg (16947 bytes) Shakespeer - He is a light fawn huacaya.

Rufus.jpg (16654 bytes) Rufus - He is a dark fawn huacaya. He looks like he stuck his head into a pail of white paint! 

Maximus.jpg (19722 bytes) Maximus - He is a auburn huacaya.

Ash.jpg (147140 bytes) Ash - He is a black alpaca! He is a suri x huacaya. This picture is not very good since it was taken the day he arrived! 

Magic.jpg (348161 bytes) Magic - He is a white suri alpaca! He was shorn the day before I brought him home so his fiber will be available as soon as I can get to it. 


goatkids.jpg (34794 bytes)  These 2 goats are now running with Ash! I call them Ash's boys. They were Carmen's first kids she had ever had! I bred Carmen to Harry to produce them. They were born in 2001 (?). 

Sheeba.jpg (33099 bytes) Sheeba - She is our 1st colored angora. She provides several pounds of nice black & white mohair every year. RIP Sheeba. You deserve it after the long life you lived. You were 17!

Carmen.jpg (51188 bytes) Carmen - Carmen is a nice dark gray with very soft fiber. She is a great mother. She was a birthday present from my old boss-that is when I was working off the farm! He gave me a bonus and she is what I bought! 

April.jpg (51112 bytes) April - April is a white color carrier. She came to us when she was just 5 months old. She was born in April of 1999! Her fiber is still very soft-feels like yearling! She is also a great mother! 


Connie.jpg (30096 bytes) Connie - Connie is a 7 year old dromadary camel that we have had since she was just 6 months old! She came from a petting zoo and is very friendly. She loves dog treats! She provides about a pound of hair a year for spinning! 

            AlmostApril.jpg (31655 bytes)  

Almost April - This is Connie's 1st baby! She was born on March 31st! She got her name due to it being leap year this year! It would have been April 1st if it was not leap year!



 I guess I need to get pics of my Great Pyrenees dogs! I have 6 of them so yes they should be on here. In fact, Autumn is one of my females. She just had this litter of puppies yesterday (July 18th 2013)! There are 4 females and 3 males that have made it so far. 

puppies.jpg (548540 bytes)  puppies1.jpg (511403 bytes)

Samantha.jpg (204178 bytes) Samantha (Sam)- She is a cocker spaniel cross we adopted after my younger brother's passing. She was his pride and joy! She has attached herself to me just like she did with my brother. Kristin is a little upset she is attached so hard to me, but she will adapt I am sure. After all, she arrived to us here the end of March when she was abandoned  by my brother's girlfriend. I took her up to my parents today (4-7-10) and she wanted nothing to do with them-stuck by my side just like she did with Dewey. 

Mabel.jpg (36791 bytes) Mabel- She is a pitbull-greyhound cross we adopted from a shelter. She is our watch dog that lets us know when someone is here! We will always remember you Mabel! Rest in Peace.






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