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Unique Spinning/Felting Fibers

This page last updated: 16 January 2013

We now have a small shop area for customers to browse/shop! Please make an appointment to visit us.

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Raw Fibers       Spinning Fibers     Washed & Dyed Fiber 

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Raw Fiber - Here at Frene Creek Farm we have a large variety of raw wools available. If it is not listed on this page, please email and ask if it is available.

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Roving - We have a variety of rovings available. We process most of our own rovings plus for several of our customers.

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Batts - We have a variety of batts available. We process these batts on a Pat Green Supercard!

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Spinning Fibers - The fibers listed on this page have been put thru a wool picker. 

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Washed and Dyed Fibers - The fibers on this page have not been put thru a wool picker. They are ready for use as they are or process with other fibers for your own blends.

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Silk and More! - The fibers on this page are wonderful to spin! They are ready for use as they are or process with other fibers for your own blends.


        To place an order, please email the item description with your name and address so we can figure the shipping. 

We accept paypal, personal checks, money orders. WE ARE NOW ABLE TO ACCEPT MASTER CARD AND VISA Credit Card payments! For Credit Card payments, please call us with your card number-do not email it for security purposes.  


For further information, please email or call Laurie Pernot

Frene Creek Farm, 2631 N. Polzin Rd., Janesville, WI 53548

(608) 754-8141



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