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All of the items on this page are products made with our fibers!

Send us your pictures made from our fibers and you too can be listed on this page!

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Handspun yarn from polypay x hampshire lamb locks, shetland blend roving, polypay roving, polypay locks that were handcarded, handcarded montadale, border leicester roving, and uncarded cotswold.

Handspun by: Erica DeFrane - Kitchener, Ontario  

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Handspun yarn from suffolk roving, She then hand knit a vest for her son. 

Handspun/hand knit by: Marie Hosler - Ohio


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Handspun yarn from confetti roving, border leicester x lincoln and Madeline's overdyed fiber by: Valerie Tortyna-Thorold, Ontario   

gallery27.jpg (89337 bytes) Valerie's cat loves to climb into bags of roving!

gallery42.jpg (130082 bytes) Hand made shawl from handspun targhee wool by: Brenda Brauner-Orfordville, WI

gallery28.jpg (68448 bytes) Handspun yarn from picked cotswold fiber-crocheted right from bobbin and then felted by: Kimberly-Ft Knox, KY

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Purses needled felted with picked cotswold by: Carol Braunstein-Levittown, NY

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Santa made with cotswold locks by: John Jacobson-Olmsted Falls, OH

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Yarn spun from cotswold locks by: Barbara diJeannene-Mesa, AZ

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 Yarn spun from cotswold locks by: Ashley Martineau-North Providence, RI

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Yarn spun from cotswold locks by: Melissa Bishop-Setauket NY

gallery24.jpg (1059891 bytes)  Handspun-handknit from cotswold locks by: Tommy Schafer-Pettersburg, IL  Tommy is 12 yrs old!


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