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Hats And Mittens

We will be adding more hats and mittens as soon as they are finished, so keep your eye on this page! 

We add to the website often, so check back!

If you have a needle felted hat-style and color in mind, we will custom felt a hat for you!  

This page last updated: 08 October 2013

We now have a small shop area for customers to browse/shop! Please make an appointment to visit us.

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Felted Mittens

This pair of mittens were made from felted (wet felting) wool. It has produced a nice pair of ladies large mittens that are 100% wool. The sheep were then needle felted on.



This is a pair of hand knit mittens. The yarn used is handspun 2/3 mohair-1/3 shetland in midnight blue. 

Price - $20.00


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Felted Mittens

These mittens were made from a 100% wool felted sweater. I hand stitch them with handspun wool yarn. These will keep your hands nice and toasty this winter! 

Price...$16.00 each

Felted Mittens

These mittens were made from a 100% wool felted sweater. I hand stitch them with handspun wool yarn. Each pair of mittens have a hand done design on them! These will keep your hands nice and toasty this winter! 

Price...$25.00 each SOLD OUT! 


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Red Hat Ladies! 

These hats are 100% wool that was wet felted. The trim on these were dyed a light purple and is removable! 

Price...$40.00 each

Felted Wool Hats

These hats was needle felted. Some of them were wet felted after the needle felting process.

1) Shetland wool-wet felted

2) Cotswold wool-needle felted

3) Romney wool-needle felted SOLD

4) Cotswold wool-needle felted

5) Cotswold wool-needle felted

Price...$40.00 each


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Handknit Wool Headbands

Price...$15.00 each

1) Handspun merino wool from our sheep-silk blend. Measures 2 3/4" wide x 20" around.

2) Millspun merino wool from our sheep. Measures 2 1/2" wide x 20" around.

3) Millspun merino wool from our sheep. Measures 3 1/2" wide x 19" around. SOLD

4) Handspun merino wool and merino cross wool from our sheep. Measures 4" wide x 19" around.


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Hand Knit Hats

These hats are hand knit out of handspun yarn. They remind me of a hat that a farmer would put on before heading out to do chores! That is what I do anyways! They will fit either an older child or adult. They will stretch some to fit! 

Price...$20.00 each


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Hand Knit-Felted Wool Hat

This hat was hand knit from some wool yarn I purchased. The color is green and brown tweed. This hat has a rounded brim. 


Felted Wool Hat

This hat was needle felted with montadale lamb wool. The accent wool is aqua polypay. This hat has a brim. 




Stocking Hat

This hat is handmade using a special loom my grandfather made for my when I was 10 (God Rest His Soul). I used handspun 100% brown shetland yarn. This will keep you warm on those cold days and nights when you are out and about. The only seam is a single knot. It is also double thickness. Price -$40.00



To place an order, please email the item description with your name and address so we can figure the shipping. 

We accept paypal, personal checks, money orders. WE ARE NOW ABLE TO ACCEPT MASTER CARD AND VISA Credit Card payments! For Credit Card payments, please call us with your card number-do not email it for security purposes.  


For further information, please email or call Laurie Pernot

Frene Creek Farm, 2631 N. Polzin Rd., Janesville, WI 53548

(608) 754-8141



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